Welcome to Speech and Language at Reynolds School District!

Welcome to Speech and Language at Reynolds School District! The Reynolds School District Speech and Language department is dedicated to provide the highest quality services for the students we serve by addressing their communication needs in order to foster their educational and social success, and by educating school staff and families to support us in this endeavor. 

The Speech and Language Department is here to help children who experience difficulty in one or more of the following areas:

Expressive Language:  The ability to express and sequence ideas clearly using correct grammar and syntax (word order).

Receptive Language:  The ability to understand spoken language, follow directions, and make sense of classroom instruction. 

Articulation/Phonology:  The ability to produce sounds in a manner appropriate to the child's age. (Smit, Hand, Freilinger, Bernthal, and Bird (1990). Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders, 55, 779-798.)


Fluency:  The ability to communicate ideas without excessive repetitions and hesitations.

Voice:  The ability to use correct voice volume, quality, and pitch.

Dysphagia: Feeding is the process involving any aspect of eating or drinking, including gathering and preparing food and liquid for intake, sucking or chewing, and swallowing Swallowing is a complex process during which saliva, liquids, and foods are transported from the mouth into the stomach while keeping the airway protected.

Often difficulties in these areas can interfere with a child's educational progress, academically, emotionally, or socially.  When one or more of these areas listed above begins to negatively impact a child's success in school, intervention may be necessary. 

Resources and Home Practice

 Videos for learning how to make specific sounds:
Articulation practice at home

Speech and Language Development by Age and Grade

 Typical Speech and Language Development age 3-4
Typical Speech and Language Development age 4-5
Typical Speech and Language Development Elementary grades:


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