Welcome to Art!


Welcome to Art!

Art Class

Dear families,

With the challenge of this remote learning experience, I hope that you find it enjoyable to take a break and create something artistic.

My job is to provide your child with art educational lessons to try. This is not intended to be stressful by any means.  I simply suggest that the student tries an art activity once a week.  Then as your child’s art teacher, I want to know about the experience.  Please you or your child, email me a short or lengthy (whichever you prefer) explanation of the experience had creating the suggested art activity. If you can include a picture of the art.  This is all merely a suggestion not a requirement. 

Where can you find Mrs. Anderson’s art lesson ideas? Find art activity ideas in the take-home packet.  There is a Specials Bingo paper.  You may choose one of those art activities.  Remember, you only need to complete one art activity per week (since art class happens only once a week when school is in session).   If you do not like any of these activities, I will be posting tutorial videos on the Rocking Raiders website (a link for this is at the bottom of this page).   For the students who already make their own art, show me what you do. That will work too. If you are working on a project that is time consuming (like weaving) then continue that project a little bit each week It really is all up to you!

Parents, please email me as a means of communication.  When you are ready to tell me about your child’s art or if you have any questions or concerns, use the email:
[email protected]

Do not email your child’s homeroom teacher for questions about art.  Please email me, Mrs. Anderson. 

Again, no stress… The time has come to use art for what it is intended; to make the world aesthetically pleasing and a means to express ideas and imaginations which aides in a therapeutic sense (just to name a few). When I conducted art lessons in the school building, time was our enemy.  Now, children hopefully have stress-free, joyful time to fill in an artful manner. I look forward to providing feedback and seeing what you produce! 

Peace to all of you!


Mrs. Anderson

Specials Bingo

In your packet to take home, you received a Specials Bingo page. 

When you choose the Art Bingo space, email me to tell me about your experience. 

I can't wait to hear about it! Send a picture if you can.  

Rocking Raiders Website with Mrs. Anderson

 Check out my page on the Rocking Raiders website.     
You will find art videos created by "yours truly!"....Mrs. Anderson! 
Send me an email to tell about your art experience. 
Rocking Raiders Website

Earth Day 4/22/20

In honor of Earth day, check out this website https://washedashore.org/ 
Watch some of the videos.  I suggest watching Smithsonian Museum of Natural History:  Washed Ashore sculpture "Turtle Ocean" an exhibit at Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.  
For an assignment, email me that you watched it and answer these questions: 
  1. How many sculptures has Washed Ashore created?
  2. What are the sculptures made out of?
  3. How many pounds of debris along the Oregon coastline has been used to make all of these 66 sculptures?
  4. How many pounds of plastic is estimated to be in the worlds's oceans?
  5. Explain how garbage in the ocean can hurt animals. 
  6. Make a list of garbage items found in the ocean that are used to make sculptures.     


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