Emergency Calling System


Emergency Calling System

       Keeping our students, parents and staff informed is a top priority in the Reynolds School District.  We have adopted an emergency notification calling service to provide important information about school events and emergencies.  We anticipate using the system to notify you of school delays or cancellations due to inclement weather; and reminders about various school events including report card and progress report distribution, open house, field trips, late buses and more.  In the event of an emergency at school, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will be informed immediately.

Receiving messages from the Emergency Calling System

*Uses current phone numbers and email addresses for parents/guardians;

*Caller ID will display the school’s main number when a general announcement is delivered;

*The Emergency Calling System will leave a message on any answering machine or voicemail.

Emergency Information and Annual Parent Permission Card

 The successful delivery of information is dependent upon accurate contact information for each student, so please make certain that we have your most current phone numbers and e-mail addresses.  If this information changes during the year, please request an “Emergency Information and Annual Parent Permission Card” from any of the school district offices.   

Please note that the primary phone number and e-mail will be contacted for both emergency and standard announcements; while alternate phone numbers and email addresses will also be used for standard announcements.  In that case, all numbers will be dialed simultaneously.  These numbers will be used for notifications only.  If a student is ill, or other information is needed from the parent or guardian, they will be contacted directly.  

Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Anna Wilkinson at 724-646-5500, Ext. 5525 or Mr. Brian Buchman at 724-646-5500, Ext. 5515. 

We are very excited to incorporate the Emergency Calling System as a tool to improve communication within the Reynolds School District.

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