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Sixth Grade Science Syllabus

Sixth grade brings many exciting lessons and changes for your children.  They will be switching classes and learning how to be organized as they move to different rooms.  This year, science will be a daily part of their lessons and I am excited to work with your children as we study Earth and Space!


Note taking
Sixth graders will be learning how to read non-fiction text.  We will focus on using headings and text structure to find main ideas and make connections when statements are worded differently in a textbook than how they are worded in another format.  
Students will learn study skills that will help them be successful in all content areas.  Note-taking strategies like Cornell Notes, outlining, sketch notes and doodle mapping will be taught.  Pre-made handouts will be given to students as guides while learning these note taking strategies.  As the year progresses,  handouts will be less structured and students will be encouraged to choose the note-taking method that works best for them but science notebooks will be periodically assessed for organization and structure.   

Our Solar System

Our Solar System
Students will study the structure of the solar system.  They will learn how planets are classified and do a comparison study of the eight major planets within our solar system.  Students will also continue to learn note-taking and organizational skills while improving their reading of non-fiction text. 
Chapter Vocabulary                  Terms/phrases to understand                        Chapter Skills
asteroid                                       period of rotation                                              Compare and contrast
comet                                           period of revolution                                          Finding main ideas 
astronomical unit                       greenhouse effect                                             Notetaking 
terrestrial planet                         Gallilean moons                                                 Making inferences

Mrs. Morneweck's Class


Application of Concepts Learned

Students will complete their mission at Wheeling Jesuit University in the Challenger Learning Center.  They will apply all concepts learned to fly a simulated NASA flight to the moon.  Students will then write and illustrate their own book to describe their mission. 

Important Information

Space Exploration
Specials for Mrs. Morneweck's Homeroom:                                                                                                                           
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Thursday:  Art
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